Reviews for Peppermint ( 2018 ) 1080p

Mrs. Death Wish !!!!

By: marcosavaglio
Great movie, production values, acting and script, all good. Reminds me of those revenge movies from the 80's and 90's, fast moving with plenty of action and emotion, don't listen to the bad reviews, you won't be disappointed !!

Great Revenge Movie

By: kunig-44687
I love a great revenge movie and this is just that nothing arty or pretensious - great dialogue , great direction and Jennifer Garner is just brilliant.Loved the ending (without giving anything away)

Watch it

By: michaelsharples
Top film well worth a watch a lot of action she is a very good actress

Very good action/revenge movie

By: mjsreg
This film is well worth watching.

There is a strong realistic story together with believable character acting and plenty of action to keep even the most inattentive happy.

Garner is brilliant in the role.

One to put on your watch list for a bit of light yet engaging viewing.

A Good Revenge Movie

By: jeffreytimmer
I don't understand why this movie got low ratings ... its a good and entertaining movie and its verry good acting performans from Jennifer Garner who was real convincing I really enjoyed it.


By: snappinflopper
This is a great movie! Couldn't take my eyes away for a second.

Pretty kick ass

By: andrea-brianna91
This movie kicked ass! There were a couple of things I think they did wrong but can't give it away. But overall pretty damn awesome movie! Jennifer Garner really convinces you this is who she really is.

Simple review

By: robertlee-17683
Two words: Jane Wick.

Mostly believable, satisfying, fun, slightly predictable, felt pumped as I left the theater. I'd watch it again. Honestly, if you love John Wick or any other revenge/ action movies, you'll probably enjoy this. If you're used to Jennifer Garner from 13 Going on 30 you'll probably be surprised at her Amanda Connor-esque awesomeness.

Must watch

By: nowaisa
I LOVED THE MOVIE! The acting was awesome everything was great, did not expect the ending! Must watch

Punisher 2.0

By: alechowellscc
If you enjoy revenge movies, action movies, and people getting it done than you will enjoy this. It echoes the punisher movie in all the best ways.

Nothing Negative

By: mikeytron
Word of mouth is pretty good on this one. Action packed believable with a good story. Lots of bad guys that have played really bad guys in other movies. Garner worked hard on this one. If you liked Law abiding citizen Death Wish or Death Sentence you will love this!

Go see it and hold on to your popcorn!

By: Movie-Lover1
Jennifer Garner was fantastic! movie was full of great action. Jennifer is a great actress and it was great to see her back in something like this. She could of played a better batman than her husband Ben. I only hope that 'Peppermint 2" will be in the works soon because I will buying a ticket! Never listen to critics judge for yourself you will not be disappointed.


By: arreola-maria1
Guys this is a really good movie!!! The poster picture looked ehh like it wasnt going to be good. But Woah!!!! Not expecting it at all to be good. Jennifer was Amazing! The stunts the action the plot, it was all great. The opening scene was like what, give u a great feel for the whole movie. I actually would love to watch again in theaters to get the full action again !

SUCH a good action movie!

By: paz-563-38777
Forget the critics because they dont make any sense. Jennifer is right where she belongs, as she started de in alias. Bad ass vengeance and such well made action scènes. What more so you need as entertainment. No its not an in depth script, but revenge never is. This certainly is one of the best revenge movies of the last years i dare to say. Loved every minute of it and would go see it again. Camera work was great, and also the setting of atmosphere, the action was well spread and the pace was perfect.


By: davij-31804
One the best engaging movies ..of revenge....justice..when the Legal System lets you down . Law Abiding Citizen the world of fiction....this is simply poetic justice...those who write bad reviews of unrealism....IT'S A A MOVIE !! FICTION!!! I was riveted to the film so the way....and when a movie starts off like's got my it's great to see female actors doing such great roles...after many off us would "like" to do this ...if the system let us down....and you could do it ????

Loved it totally....

Loved it!

By: rubyslippah
Fantastic movie, lots of action! I even cried. I will see it again.

Jennifer Garner is BACK!

By: coastdaze
Now this is the Jennifer I've been missing since her TV series, Alias. Hard hitting, take no prisoners (literally, you'll get it when you see the movie) kind of storyline. I had hoped this movie, despite it's fluffy title, would be was. Had me from the first scene. Don't get too down on the title, you'll get it when you see the movie.

What I like about JG is that she is lanky and some might say skinny, but she can pull off a role like this easily. Her expressions are real and draw you into her character. The casting is good, too. So surrounded by a solid cast, JG and company make this a 10 for me. The theater audience clapped at the end indicating our enjoyment of a blazing guns movie. I hope to see Jennifer coming back and taking on more roles like this and the sweet girl roles, too. She's a favorite of mine.

LOL, just thought of this...Jennifer Garner is so much better at playing a hard-hitting role like this than her husband(?) Ben.

Great action movie

By: rekless83
It was nice seeming Jennifer garner step back into the action role. The story has been done similarly in death wish and death sentence. Though it was a nice spin making the main star a female lead. Even though the bare bones of the story has been done before this movie didn't feel predictable or stale. It even had a nice twist I'm the third act.

revenge story with dirty cups and a hurt mother

By: sahawnehdaniel
This movie is amazing .. great action and story as well as a great drama between . no one could have nailed the drama better than Jennifer Garner .

If there's a movie that proves critics sometimes suck at their jobs, this is it.

By: alias_maximus1
Wow such an absolutely amazing action flick. So happy JG is back to doing what she does best, action. She can do anything I think Alias proved that, hopefully there's sequels. Loved it.
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